Ancient Civilizations - India
Description of the site

The site is divided into five 'chapters' which address themes or topics relevant to ancient China. The five 'chapters' are presented on a menu page where the user can choose a chapter by clicking on the word or icon relating to that chapter.

For each chapter there is a 'Doormat' page, which is an atmospheric introductory page to the chapter. The Doormat page will automatically switch to the 'Home Page' after a few seconds. However, clicking on the picture will switch it immediately. The 'Home Page' is an introductory page for the chapter.

Within each 'chapter' there are three sections: 'Story', 'Explore' and 'Challenge'.

  • The 'Story' is a presentation of information in a narrative form.

  • The 'Explore' is a non-linear presentation of information. The pupil controls the order in which they access the information. It is then the responsibility of the pupil (and/or the teacher) to make larger connections among ideas and information and place the information in a context or framework.

  • The 'Challenge' is an activity that allows pupils to practise certain skills (historical, analytical, mathematical, observational) within the context of a theme or topic relevant to ancient China.

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