Ancient Civilizations - India
Educational Goals

There are three main goals of this web site. The first is to provide an educationally sound online resource that can be used independently by pupils within a school setting. The second is to provide teachers with an online resource that is user friendly and combines suggested classroom activities and online activities with background support and information. The third is to present information about Ancient China through the use of objects from the British Museum's collection.

We will address these goals by three main courses of action:

  • Designing activities or modules that can be explored with varying degrees of independence and depth within about fifteen minutes.
  • Providing suitable materials, (i.e.: technical and content support as well as suggested activities) for teachers to help in planning classroom lessons involving the website.
  • Supplying teachers with a range of activities that are geared towards pupils with different learning styles and abilities.
In addition, this program will help to reinforce the following learning skills:
  • Observation
  • Visual analysis
  • Textual analysis
  • Building hypotheses
  • Sequencing and classifying information
  • Using key words
  • Predicting
  • Map reading

The aim of this program is not to be a definitive source of information about all aspects and all time periods relevant to Ancient China. Rather, it is geared towards illuminating certain aspects of Ancient Chinese history that are especially important, interesting, or lend themselves to multimedia treatment. It is expected that certain basic ideas and events relating to ancient China will be addressed by the classroom curriculum either before or after the pupil explores this product.

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