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Welcome to the British Museum's web site on ancient China. These 'Staff Room' pages have been developed to help teachers get the most out of the web site for themselves and for their class. It is predominantly aimed at schoolchildren aged 9 - 11 and their teachers but we hope that other groups may find it useful too.


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An overview of the structure of the site:

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Link to Crafts and Artisans
The Crafts and Artisans chapter highlights different items and materials valued by the people of ancient China. It also looks at the processes used, and organization needed, to produce some of the items that have been discovered from ancient China.

Link to Geography
The Geography chapter presents the basic geographical features of modern China. It also looks at why the Yellow River Basin became such an important centre of civilization in ancient China.

Link to Time
The Time chapter introduces how time was kept in ancient China, and includes multiple time lines tracing different aspects of life and culture in ancient China.

Link to Tombs and Ancestors
The Tombs and Ancestors section explores the religious beliefs of Ancient China. The chapter looks at ancestor worship and the burial practices of the ancient Chinese.

Link to Writing
The Writing chapter examines the nature and uses of writing in ancient China. It also looks at the writing system used in China.

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A statement outlining the educational framework within which this website was constructed.


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Practical guidance on: classroom set-up, using the website, printing, navigation.


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