Ancient Civilizations - India


We have the following resources about : Tombs

Background information

Background informationNeolithic China

Background informationXia dynasty

Background informationShang dynasty

Background informationWestern Zhou dynasty

Background informationEastern Zhou dynasty

Background informationQin dynasty

Background informationThe Tomb of Fu Hao

Background informationPronunciation Guide

Background informationBronze Vessel Glossary

Background informationAncestor Worship



DiscussionHow are ancient scripts deciphered?

DiscussionHow do we know how old things are?


DiscussionCrafts and Artisan Skills

DiscussionWho was buried in the tombs?


Enquiry Grid

Enquiry GridWhy did they take it with them


Follow Up Activity

Follow Up ActivityBronze Inscription

Follow Up ActivityPersonal Time Capsule

Follow Up ActivityTaotie Bronze Vessel


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